by Alain Gonzalez
Certified Personal Trainer
Fitness Author
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It’s been a long time coming and it is finally here! I am very proud to introduce to you my 21-Day Boulder Shoulders specialization guide. To make up for the wait, I will be offering a ridiculously low, 85% off discount to the first 100, 74, 59, 41 people who take action right away!

21 Day Boulder Shoulders

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“What you can expect from 21 Day Boulder Shoulders”

If you want 3D-like cannonball delts that force themselves through your shirt sleeves, then you have to take your shoulder training to the NEXT level…

A level beyond dumbbell presses, lateral raises, and occasional rear delt flys.

Throughout my years of training, I have found the best way to get not only my shoulders to grow but numerous clients is to mix a number of proven and “under-the-radar” techniques that will have your shoulders swollen 24/7.

Giving the illusion of full 3-D delts and the classic V-Taper appearance that we’re all striving for…

Alain's Shoulder Shoulder Anatomy

With this program you can expect to push your strength to new heights week after week, add sleeve-ripping size to all three deltoid heads, pack on slabs of muscle to your traps, and strengthen “THIS” most important muscle group in your shoulders for healthier lifts for years to come.

And yes, these results are typical AND guaranteed!

Why do I say this?

Because these 3 techniques alone are fail proof and time tested.

  • Purposely over-reaching to benefit from super compensation.
  • Shocking your nervous system and forcing potentation (instead of fatiguing, you’ll get stronger as the workout progresses!)
  • Aggressively attacking your shoulder stabilizers (very important) so you’ll be able to lift year round, pain free.
  • Plus much more…

Not only will you notice weekly strength gains in the gym without annoying shoulder pain, you’ll discover how to properly train your deltoids AND traps using science and proper biomechanics while skyrocketing the amount of growth you’ll be able to steal out of your body once you follow these “under-the-radar” techniques you’re about to discover in a second.

Not to mention, broader shoulders = turned on women!

Plus – gives you the appearance that you actually lift weights when you walk into a room.

Okay, so if you’re asking yourself “How can I achieve thick cannonball delts, increase my pushing and pressing strength dramatically, enhance my shoulder mobility, AND do it all while eliminating shoulder kinks I may have or that most programs create?”

Then Keep Reading Below

With this program you’ll discover…

  • 1 small mistake you’re making with your lateral raises that is destroying your ability to build the middle deltoid (it’s almost stupid! But you’re doing it right now)
  • Little-known German techniques that’ll spark your CNS and have you overhead pressing as much (or more) as the big guys in the gym…all while keeping good form and avoiding injury!
  • That the shoulders and traps are actually the easiest muscle groups to build (for men)…if you’re doing it right
  • Why 90% of your shoulder workouts are dead wrong and you might be doing more harm than good
  • That completely ignoring this “most” important muscle group for building 3D shoulders is robbing you of serious growth and years of potential training down the road.(Hint: It’s not the deltoid heads)
  • Rotator Cuff

    • Why training to failure is sabotaging your ability to build bigger shoulders AND traps, and discover how you can work less and gain more!
    • The one powerful shoulder igniter that’ll not only help you avoid injury, but it’ll increase your shoulder strength almost immediately!
    • 7 hidden shoulder training secrets that’ll have you pushing and pressing more weight while adding width to your frame like nobody’s business (You won’t learn this from so-called fitness gurus)
    • 7 hardly-seen shoulder workouts that’ll skyrocket your ability to contract and isolate the delts
    • 5 of the most critical shoulder workouts and how to perform them flawlessly for rapid growth
    • And much, much more!

    Why Your Shoulder Training Probably Sucks…in short

    Let’s not beat around the bush and talk about how your hormones, diet, or rep/set schemes could be the reason for your lack of shoulder growth. The fact is, in men, the shoulders and traps benefit from a larger number of androgen receptors than any other muscle group in your body.

    What does this mean for you?

    Your shoulders and traps (if trained correctly) will show noticeable progress MUCH faster than any other muscle group…period.

    With that said, if you are failing to see noticeable gains in your shoulders and/or traps, then you’re just plain doing it wrong!

    I do, however, understand that this is not your fault. You’ve probably read some bodybuilding website or magazine that claims to have the “winning lottery ticket” of shoulder workouts and it probably looks something like this. Dumbbell or barbell presses, lateral raises, front raises, and maybe some rear delt flyes.

    Yes, in the beginning this form of training might seem to produce great results…but let’s face it, after a while this simplistic method of training is simply not enough.


    In less than 4 short weeks you will have sparked brand new growth in your shoulders AND traps for a wider and more aesthetic frame all while achieving explosive strength gains, weekly!

    Alby's Shoulder

    Yeah, chicks say they love abs and biceps, but let’s face it, nature has equipped us with broader shoulders for a reason. Women are naturally (and maybe subconsciously) attracted to men with broad shoulders because it makes them seem STRONG and CONFIDENT.

    “21 Day Boulder Shoulders”

    Component #1: The 21 Day Boulder Shoulders Guide ($47 Value)

    This is a hardcore, full on, 3 week shoulders specialization guide. This is NOT for beginners and certainly not for the faint of heart. This 21 day shoulders specialization program should NEVER be performed longer than 3 weeks at a time.

    All of the strategies in this program are based on science and extensive research. You can expect to not only pack on size to your traps and shoulders, but increase strength significantly as well.

    Component #2: 7 Secrets to Cannonball Delts ($37 Value)

    This guide reveals 7 little-known and unique strategies that your local personal trainers know nothing about. 7 Secrets to Cannonball Delts goes into depth about all of the strategies in the 21 Day Boulder Shoulders guide. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how many small changes to your shoulders training will make a HUGE difference.

    I can almost guarantee that you’re completely unaware of the severity of ignoring Secret #3.

    Component #3: Shoulder Workout Execution Guide ($17 Value)

    Although you may already be performing most of the workouts in this guide, you may be making some huge mistakes. Mistakes that nearly 85% of trainees are making in their shoulders training right now! This guide goes over every exercise mentioned in the 21 Day Boulder Shoulders guide and illustrates them as well.



    Component #4: 7 Advanced Shoulder Workouts DVD ($27 Value)

    Although you may already be performing most of the workouts in this guide, you may be making some huge mistakes. Mistakes that nearly 85% of trainees are making in their shoulders training right now! This guide goes over every exercise mentioned in the 21 Day Boulder Shoulders guide and illustrates them as well.




    Regular $49.95, Sale $19.95

    Why is it just $7?

    As I mentioned earlier, this is a very limited offer that won’t go on forever. But there are a few other reasons for me practically giving this program away…

    • If I gave it away for free, you’re more likely to skim through it, devalue it, and ultimately ignore the content. If I charge you (even if it’s going to cost you less than a meal at a fast food restaurant) then you are more likely to put these techniques to use and achieve the results you PAID for.
    • If I make you pay for the program as opposed to giving it away for free, this will show that you are SERIOUS about your goals. And serious lifters are the types of people I want following my recommendations.
    • THIS IS LIMITED to the first 100 people. Making it easily available to a limited amount of serious people will likely get me some much needed testimonials from happy customers ☺


    My NO B.S. 100% Money Back Guarantee!

    Simply put, if you don’t feel like this program was worth your $7 investment for ANY reason…I mean even if you plain out don’t like the font I used…Then I’ll return your full investment, no questions asked…AND I’ll even let you keep the program as a gift for “wasting your time”.

    So what are you waiting for? You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. Go ahead and click the “add to kart” button below and start TODAY!

    Yeah, that’s right! I said TODAY…no need to wait 5-7 business days for a package to arrive in the mail (if it doesn’t get lost)…instead I have made this program completely downloadable so that you can get instant access immediately following your purchase.

    21 Day Boulder Shoulders is a downloadable program. You will receive instant access upon purchase. Nothing will be shipped

    Here is to rapid growth, insane strength gains, and much success,

    Alain Gonzalez
    Certified Personal Trainer
    Fitness Author
    Founder of Muscle Monsters