“Who Else Wants to Build A Barn Door Back and Mountainous Traps – Giving That 3-D Look That Screams Attention, Fills Out Shirts, and Commands Attention From Your Gym Buddies?”

by Alain Gonzalez
Certified Personal Trainer
Fitness Author
Founder of Muscle Monsters

42 Day Back Blitz

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What You Can Expect from 42 Day Back Blitz

If you want to blitz your back into hyper-growth, you’ve got to stop worrying about exercise selection and start focusing on exercise execution.

And that’s only one of the problems with other back programs. You’ll NEVER build your back until you’ve perfected proper initiation and engagement.

Over the years, I have found that the best ways to add thick slabs of solid muscle to all areas of your back are 3 overlooked techniques that’ll make any pulling exercise feel like it’s tearing every muscle fiber rep by rep (and it feels amazing).

With this program you can expect to skyrocket your pulling strength in everything from deadlifts to pull ups, pack on flex worthy muscle in all areas of your back (even the hard to target lower-lats), and do it all without wasting a penny on useless supplementation that only burns a hole in your wallet.


And yes…

These results are guaranteed!


Because of these 3 mechanisms…

  • Max Effort CNS Activation
  • The Repeated Bout Effect
  • Effective Back Provocation
  • Plus much more…

So not only will you build powerlifting worthy strength that forces muscular adaptations for rapid growth, you’ll do it using scientifically proven strategies that the roided up meatheads couldn’t explain.

Let alone the neck snapping double takes you’ll get in the gym when you’re deadlifting more than the big buff guys.

So how can this program allow you pack on slabs of meaty tissue to your back, skyrocket your pulling power, and keep your back 100% safe while avoiding debilitating injuries?

Well keep reading because you’ll discover…

chest workout

  • 1 powerful back activation technique designed to stimulate up to 75% more muscle fibers…
  • A hardcore soviet training protocol that’ll have you adding plates to your deadlift every single week without ever training heavy…
  • 1 sneaky method for increasing energy levels as you train…(instead of getting tired and weaker as the workout progresses)
  • Why over 90% of trainees are using more arms and less back and why it’s killing your muscle-growth…
  • Why training to muscular failure is killing your performance and recovery…
  • 1 “strange” function that you didn’t know your lats were responsible for…(and how training it is a game changer!)
  • 7 back training principles that’ll spark new growth and strength like nobody’s business…(you’ll never teach this in the muscle magazines)
  • 7 unique back workouts that’ll elevate your peak contraction…(you’ve probably never done these before)
  • 1 simple technique that increases lat activation by 75% on every single rep…(if you’re not doing this, you’re not maximizing your growth)
  • 1 rep range you NEVER work in that will catapult your lactate threshold and produce metabolic stress necessary for increased muscle cell size…

Why Most People Train Their Back Using The EXACT Same Workouts The Pros Use But NEVER Get Similar Results

Does this sound like you?

A couple of years ago, I was able to do more pull ups using more weight than I do today. Hell, I was rowing and pulling more weight for more reps than the biggest guys in the gym.

Problem was…

My back development didn’t reflect that.

Not being into powerlifting at the time and instead being solely focused on improving my physique, I didn’t care how much weight I was pulling if it wasn’t working towards my goals.

This was around the same time I was becoming more and more interested in learning kinesiology and biomechanics…I wanted to know exactly what each muscle was meant to do and how it functioned.

It’s around this time that I discovered exactly why I was able to get stronger and stronger without achieving a noticeable amount of hypertrophy (muscle growth).

And no…it wasn’t my diet.

It was very simple…

Although I was performing lifts that loaded the functions of the muscle, I was doing it in an inefficient manner.

I was pulling with my arm, contracting at the top, and controlling the weight on the way down.

Sounds about right when training the back right?


This simple mistake that about 90% of gym goers make was robbing me of over 75% of my growth.

Once I made this 1 simple tweak to all of my pulling and rowing, the results were almost instant.

Not only were the back pumps 10x better, but I could literally feel the difference working through every single rep.

I instantly knew that this would be the change I needed to take my back development to the next level.

I call it “Proper Back Provocation” and it’s the one thing that ensures that you are loading the back throughout the entire range.

It may seem simple and obvious, but I guarantee that once you start incorporating this technique into your back training you will instantly notice what has been missing.

Pectoral Positioning

“42 Day Back Blitz Components”

Component #1 – 42 Day Back Blitz Training Guide ($47 Value)

This is a full-on, 6 weeks of hardcore, fluff free back specialization training guide. This is not for beginners and certainly not for the faint of heart. 42 Day Back Blitz should NEVER be performed for more than 6 weeks at a time.

The program is science based and proven to produce insane results. Not only can you expect to gain both back width and thickness, but massive strength gains are typical.

Component #2 – 7 Principles of Back Strength and Hypertrophy ($37 Value)

This report reveals some of bodybuilding’s most hardcore and little-known back training secrets. 7 Principles of Back Strength and Hypertrophy will shed light on all of the unique strategies used in 42 Day back Blitz. You will be shocked by how much these “fitness gurus” and “YouTube trainers” DON’T know about proper and effective back training.

I am almost 100% certain that you’ve never heard about the secret training approach developed in eastern Germany…this alone is worth the investment.

Component #3: Back Workout Execution Guide ($17 Value)

You may be familiar with a lot of the workouts found inside the program, and that’s a great starting point. But I am going to tell you right now that the techniques used to perform each exercise are not typical and I can almost guarantee that you’ve never done them like this. So not only does the guide go over every exercise, but it illustrates the proper form for optimal contraction.

Component #4 – 7 Advanced Back Ripping Workouts ($37 Value)

Want to take your back training even further?

This DVD demonstrates 7 advanced back workouts you’ve never done. These are advanced exercises that will allow you to train the back using its functions and from angles you’ve never trained before. Learn back workouts that your personal trainer doesn’t know and the pros don’t want you to know about. On top of that, I’ll expose my favorite back exercise for deep isolation…


Regular $39.95, Sale $19.95

My Guarantee to you…

If the deal wasn’t already sweet enough, I am also going to include my No Questions asked 100% money back guarantee in the event that you are not satisfied with the program for ANY reason.

That’s right! You can actually learn all of my little-known techniques, start implementing the training program, and even complete it first…and if at any time within the first 60 days you decide that your back is not growing, your strength is not increasing, or that you just hate the colors I used in the guide, you can simply email me for a prompt refund…no questions asked.

If you are serious about your training, this is a no-brainer if you want to achieve a wider and thicker back along with catapulting your strength.

Don’t miss out! Take action now before this sale expires.

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Here is to rapid growth, insane strength gains, and much success,

Alain Gonzalez
Certified Personal Trainer
Fitness Author
Founder of Muscle Monsters