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A simple, easy to understand guide that reveals the most important factors in attaining animalistic strength in a short period of time, a proven 12 week optimally periodized training program, 1 secret German training tip guaranteed to improve your lifts immediately, and MUCH more. The “12 Week Primal Bench Press” guide provides a very specific formula along with tips and tricks that will allow you to continue to add weight to the bar week after week without ever worrying about nagging shoulder pain or injury…

Component #2: 12 Week Primal Bench Press Principles DVD ($37 Value)

You may be familiar with a lot of the workouts found inside the program, and that’s a great starting point. But I am going to tell you right now that the techniques used to perform each exercise are not typical and I can almost guarantee that you’ve never done them like this. So not only does the guide go over the perfect form for maximizing the big lifts, but it illustrates the proper form for optimal strength gains.

I am almost 100% certain that you’ve never heard about some of the advanced techniques in this dvd…this alone is worth the investment.

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12 Week Primal Bench Press is a downloadable program. You will receive instant access upon purchase. Nothing will be shipped.